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Aloha...and a few thoughts
June 5th, 2010

Of my 34 years at The Advertiser, none have been as interesting as the last decade.

In that time, I've had the sheer fun of directing the launch of HonoluluAdvertiser.com and helping it grow into the largest news site in the state.

We trained the staff in video, helped establish livestreaming on the site and scooped the TV stations at their own game. We recruited bloggers who built large followings and developed virtual communities out of scratch. We moved into social media and made believers of skeptics who doubted the value of engaging with readers.

It is heart-breaking to see it all come apart in a way that is not the fault of any of us, certainly not the fault of the online staff, whose hard work behind the scenes made the site shine each day. And certainly not the news staffers who kept our readers informed with breaking stories and timely tweets.

As we say farewell, I would like to acknowledge the latest online team whose hard work has often gone unheralded : Scott Morifuji, Brian Takemura, Scott Nishi, John Miyakado, Mark Milligan, Derek Kalani, Dave Koga, Shauna Goya and Christie Williams.

There were many others who left the online staff over the years; you can still see their fingerprints throughout the site. I salute them, as well, and the many news staffers who understood the importance of online and jumped in even though it made their workday longer and busier.

I hope what will emerge once the dust clears will be a stronger commitment to serve the community in this digital era.

Newspapers will survive so long as there are subscribers. But as older, loyal readers pass away, a younger generation less committed to print is seeking its news and information online and on mobile devices.

One can protect what's old only so long. It's then time to make way for the new.

To all my Advertiser colleagues, the best of luck. And, to all who have read this blog, thank you. Follow me on Twitter @sandybeach for news of the next adventure.

4 Responses to “Aloha...and a few thoughts”

  1. CatDogMan:

    Thanks Sandee for pushing us all into the future kicking and screaming. Without your guideance the website would not have been nearly as good as it was. Aloha.

  2. strobie:

    Good luck with everything, Sandee. An amazing team, an amazing ride.

  3. sandee:

    Christine, you were a key part of that amazing team. Have fun at the SPJ awards dinner. Bring home some..plexiglass!

  4. sandee:

    James, I was so proud of you making the leap from print to digital and working so passionately to give the community a voice. If you ever need help, you know where to reach me.