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iPad: love it in the morning?
May 19th, 2010

No one blames you. You fell for the iPad's sleek chassis and eye-popping screen. One thing lead to another, and you took it home with you.

Today, however, is the rest of your life with this device, at least while Apple Care holds up. So as you look bleary-eyed at your iPad over cold coffee: are you still smittened?

As if comes out of the box, the iPad is a great consumer device. Terrific video, a better reading experience, and multi-touch ease. The instant-on, instant-off spoils a user for anything else. But there are bills to be paid, and now you wish it could do this, that and the other thing.

Bottom-line, you need it to earn its keep.

To turn the iPad into a productivity tool for business, visit the App Store. For starters, you will need word-processing, spreadsheets and a presentation tool.

Microsoft has apparently no interest in releasing a version of Office for the iPad, so take a look at, Apple's Pages, Keynote and Numbers. All are available at $9.99 each. These programs are similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel, so you won't have a steep learning curve making the switch.

Quickoffice has a mobile suite to share and edit Office documents that is expected to make the conversion to the iPad. No doubt more options are on the way.

Communication via VOIP is another key requirement. An iPad-optimized version is in the pipeline, according to Skype's Peter Parkes. but Skype's iPhone app appears to work on the iPad for voice and chat.

Some kind of project management tool should be de rigueur. Insight (formerly Encamp) got good marks from Macworld as an iPhone app that works with Basecamp. Look for the iPad version.

So, tell us, what else would you need to turn the iPad from a pretty face into a productive breadwinner? Share your thoughts.

One Response to “iPad: love it in the morning?”

  1. Curt:

    Thanks for the Macworld shout-out, Sandee!

    Here are a couple collections in our App Guide that are well-suited for business: Apps for file sharing and task management.

    The iPhone OS has no shortage of such apps. I use Dropbox quite a bit, and everyone around the office raves about Things.