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Green juicer for your cell
April 12th, 2010

I've been testing Juicebar, a solar charger for mobile phones that is the size of a double pack of gum.

Although I'm pretty happy with my Mophie power case for iPhone, the Juicebar has the advantage of producing green power, and who doesn't want to be green?

The company says the Juicebar takes about 12 to 15 hours of sunlight to charge up fully. I can't be sure Hawaii's sun is the reason, but it took even less time to top off sitting on my window sill — about 10 hours.

The kit comes with 12 different connectors for different phones, plus a USB cable and DC cable if you want to charge up the old, carbon emissions way. We tried it on an iPhone and Blackberry, and both connectors fit well and worked as advertised.

The Juicebar is available at cableorganizer.com, from where our test unit came, for $42.83 plus $5.96 for first class mail shipping. It is also available on Amazon and ThinkGeek.

2 Responses to “Green juicer for your cell”

  1. JindoMaster808:

    "A double pack of GUN?" It must really pack a wallop!! 😀

  2. sandee:

    Thanks for the catch, JindoMaster. Sometimes the fingers fly faster than the brain. :-)