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iPad: Day one recap
April 3rd, 2010

John Garcia (@johngarcia) did a iPad unboxing video earlier today:


We also did a livestream on our initial thoughts on the iPad. We literally were running this raw with no script. You can see the replay here: http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/honolululive1

So far, I'm pleased with the iPad. Using the landscape keyboard is better than I thought it would be.

I am in search of a good case, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. I'm using the Apple iPad case for now.

I think John and I will have more to post tomorrow, specifically I'm curious to see how long the battery lasts on a full day of use. John seems to be using his quite a bit more than I am, so we'll see how that goes.

Here's a question, anyone REGRET buying an iPad? Sound off in the comments!

Oh, before I forget, I also picked up an HTC HD2 earlier in the week, but more on that later.


4 Responses to “iPad: Day one recap”

  1. Sandee:

    Cool, guys! Thanks for the timely coverage. Looks like we'll need to go on a case hunt — on Monday. Don't get me started again.
    BTW, you can catch Scott's reflection off the iPad at the end of this vid. And, if you can't get enough, Michael Tsai's story today on the frenzy at the Ala Moana store is here: http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/20100404/NEWS01/4040362/iPads+snapped+up+on+1st+day

  2. World Wide Ed:


  3. Katsudon:

    I ordered my iPad for delivery and was bummed when I received that e-mail stating it would not be delivered until Monday. Fortunately, UPS actually was out in force and I gave my driver some snacks for working and getting these into peoples hands.

    I sprung for the 64GB version (lower cost per GB plus I can easily fill it up with just my photos). Been playing with it since last evening and here are some initial observations. If you sync your photos, iTunes will "optimize" them beforehand (my pics take up over 45GB; most of them shot on a 8GB DSLR and saved in JPEG format). The process took over 4 hours on uMBP (unibody MacBook Pro) but the end result is that my photos take up only 12GB on the iPad.

    The unit feels heavier than I thought it would be but after a days use, I've gotten used to it and have found several ways to hold it comfortably. I like some of the minor attentions to detail where some onscreen navigation controls are easily reachable with your thumbs.

    The onscreen keyboard seems just a tad bit touchy and will take a bit to get used to. The accelerometer also sometimes gets confused when you are about to lay it down flat (i.e. I have it in landscape mode and when laying it down, it flips to portrait and then landscape mode but now upside down from me).

    Also, contrary to what was mentioned in the livestream, the iPad can be charged via USB but it is dependent on whether or not the USB ports on your PC/laptop supply enough power (at least 500mA). On my uMBP, the iPad charges while awake when connected. However, on my 1st generation Mac Pro, the only way the iPad will charge via USB is when it is asleep. iPad's connected to USB hubs might also slowly trickle charge a sleeping iPad but it may be very slow.

    I've been downloading and trying out apps built for the iPad. I would say I ended up deleting 85% of the free stuff currently out. Some of them are good ideas but poor in execution as they were probably only tested on the simulator. Couple of free apps impressed me though like Bloomberg, Dragon Dictation, WeatherBug, and Yahoo Entertainment (it took awhile for the channel guide to work but once it did, awesome).

    Two apps I purchased to get a feel for how content creation will be on these devices were Pages and Sketchbook Pro. My initial impression playing around with them is that they show the potential of where things may go in the future as the platform and apps mature but for myself, I'll stick to using desktop based tools for the time being and primarily use the iPad mostly for consumption of media.

    While I thought it would just be a larger iPod Touch, (and while it is), it turns out to be something just a bit more once you start using well designed apps that take advantage of the extra screen size. So do I regret buying it? Heck no. There is much untapped potential which will only make the level of its utility grow over the next few months.

  4. Scott Morifuji:

    @Katsudon, thanks for sharing your impressions.

    Yes, the USB charging was something we had stumbled upon during the livestream and didn't have any other hardware to check the charging on.

    On my 2007 Macbook Pro, it does charge when it is asleep. Using a powered USB hub, it works when it is awake.

    I think the iPad is an awesome device so far, I'm still downloading apps and getting a feel for it, so I'll need a few more days to see how this fits into my mobile life.